Chelsea Studios

With production agencies and talent scouts beginning to source and narrow down studio options remotely, the team at Chelsea Production Studios knew it was time for an upgrade to its 10-year-old collateral.

Chelsea Studios

Capture and produce an all-encompassing marketing package for each of the various studios/spaces and deliver single URL landing pages combining all of the various assets together.

✔️ On-site virtual tours, photography, and videography
✔️ Post production photo touch-up and enhancement
✔️ Virtual staging
✔️ Customized virtual tour incorporating captured and produced assets
✔️ Floorplan design
✔️ Individual landing page design and development (e-flyers)
✔️ Hosting and management

E-Flyer: Studios C & D
E-Flyer: Studio E
E-Flyer: Studio G
E-Flyer: Production office
Virtual Tour: Studio A

“Having worked with the VirtourNYC team across several projects, we were always impressed with their attention to detail and vision bringing our projects to life. Instead of multiple PDF's, outdated floorplans, and a variety of external links, we're now able to share single links with all relevant information for clients to easily access!”

Steve D.Manager