Chelsea Production Studios – Studio A

2nd Floor

Located in the heart of Chelsea at 221 West 26th Street, Studio A is an expansive 9,000 square foot sound stage with an equivalent amount of technical & production support space, providing teams with a one-stop shop for productions of various scales. Studio A is able to accommodate large sets and large audiences, and freight elevator load-in access is conveniently located adjacent to the Studio.

Just steps away from the main stage you can find Studio A’s technical facilities, multiple green rooms, wardrobe, hair/makeup, a host suite, production offices, and plenty of open space for Art/Props and Crafty/Catering. One quick flight downstairs will lead you to a spacious Audience Holding area as well as a separate entrance for Talent and VIP’s.

  • Studio A 94.5’ L x 85’ W
  • Soundstage 9,000 sq ft.
  • LED Wall 35' W x 15' H
  • LED Floor 528 sq ft.


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Chelsea Production Studios – Studio A